Microsoft® translator widget

A widget to translate your site
You can add a simple version or fully customize it depending on your patience and knowledge of css
Install it from the utilities page of the market and then add to your page or _header
"from" language codes
These codes represent the currently supported languages
set the one for your language in the "from" parameter

ar = Arabic | bg = Bulgarian | ca = Catalan | zh‑chs = Chinese Simplified | zh‑cht = Chinese Traditional | cs = Czech | da = Danish | nl = Dutch | et = Estonian | fi = Finnish | fr = French | de = German | el = Greek | ht = Haitian Creole | he = Hebrew | hi = Hindi | mww = Hmong Daw | hu = Hungarian | id = Indonesian | it = Italian | ja = Japanese | ko = Korean | lv = Latvian | lt = Lithuanian | no = Norwegian | fa = Persian | pl = Polish | pt = Portuguese | ro = Romanian | ru = Russian | sk = Slovak | sl = Slovenian | es = Spanish | sv = Swedish | th = Thai | tr = Turkish | uk = Ukrainian | vi = Vietnamese |
Example widget

Styling this widget is a rather complex subject
the styles for the outer container and some of the content can be added via the
"styles" parameter.
The widget uses some of these raw and others are read by the code and used to style other parts of the widgets

Test styles parameter
advanced style parameters
There are also five other style parameters that you can add to the widget via html or the code editor these set the other main styles for the widget.
setting values for these parameters cause a <style> tag to be written to the head of the page to hold the classes
Some css styles will either have no effect or may have unexpected results
Test advanced parameters

Notranslate class
Create a dummy class in your global_stylesheet.css file.notranslate { }You can then assign this class to any areas of your site that should not be translated
The Text in this box is protected by the notranslate class

The code produced by this widget is


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